Slot machines are staples in casinos and they are probably the most recognisable games anywhere. We learnt a lot here about slot games and found that they can be enjoyed in many land based casinos, restaurants and even bars. Slot machines are known worldwide and there are literally thousands of games, each offering different themes and styles. In some locations, these games are known as fruit machines.

With the growth of online gambling, the presence of slot machines has increased. Online casinos make it possible for players to enjoy slots all day long, which is a wonderful thing for slot lovers. Online casinos add new slots on a regular basis so there is always something exciting to play.

Slots: a brief history

Unlike many casino games, slot machines have along and interesting history. Charles Fey, who was a German-born engineer, developed the very first slot machine in 1895, appearing in San Francisco. Years later, he started to produce and developed his own slots company as the demand for these games increased. Now, with online casinos, you will see many free options available as well as real money games.

Old Slot Machines

The first slot machines were entirely mechanical and the introduction of electronic games provided a great advantage for the slots industry. The games we now know are very similar in looks to the first machines, but they offer better graphics and features. Around 1990, there was another boost to the slot machine industry as online gambling was introduced. Every day, the industry expands.

Classic Slots Vs. Video Slots

You will find that there are two different types of slot machines available. In addition to the popular video slots online, there are also classic machines that follow a three reel layout. Classic slots are of the three reel games, but there are also some that have four reels. These games offer the chance to play one to five paylines. To learn more about classic slots, check out the information we have gathered. We cannot fault these guys! In regards to video slots, you can enjoy five reels and these games often have as many as 100 paylines. In this slots guide, we will focus on classic slots.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot games are those that have several slot machines that contribute to the jackpot amount. Each wager that is placed will increase the jackpot. It is possible for these games to grow to impressive amounts in a very short amount of time. It is quite common to find progressive jackpots that offer $1 million or more. The progressive payout will only be awarded with maximum line bets. If you want to be the next big winner, play a slot with a maximum bet to have a chance at winning the progressive.


No slots guide would be fully complete without the mention of payouts that can be generated. However, many payouts are only known by the online casino and are kept secret. There are very few online casinos that share payout information with the players. Based on estimations, most slot machines do have a payout rate of between 95% and 96%. To increase the chances of winning, you should make use of any casino bonus that is available.

Slot Rules Explained

When it comes to finding simple games, slots are the best option. These games are all about creating combinations on paylines. Most games now offer multiple lines to increase the chances of winning. Playing more lines will increase the best, but will offer more possibilities.

When the spin button is pressed, the reels will start to spin and will stop automatically. The symbols will be displayed on the screen and can vary per machine based on the game theme. Each slot game will have its own symbols, and you should become familiar with these before betting. In this horse racing blog you can learn about betting options. One symbol that is commonly seen is the bug, which is also known as a wild. This can replace other game symbols for more payouts. Just like the variation in symbols per game, each machine will have different pay tables.

The winning combinations will always be visible on the machine. All combinations that can provide a win will be detailed in the pay table of the game. Keep in mind that jackpots are often only paid on maximum bets, so it is best to play this amount whenever possible. Slots experts believe that playing the maximum lines is the best way to collect payouts. You should also be aware that the regular jackpot on a slot game is not the same as a progressive jackpot.


Playing slots online can be just as exciting as playing in a land based casino. Many online slots offer more features than and slots and there are also amazing bonuses that are offered by online casinos. Online slots are definitely the future of gambling, so be sure to check these out for an awesome gambling experience.